Confronting My Fear Of Failure & Launching Elementus

Today is my 34th birthday. As a gift to myself, I am going to step outside my comfort zone.

For the past 10 years I have wanted to be involved with starting a technology company. First, I told myself, I needed to find something I was incredibly passionate about. I found that with live video. Next, I needed to have a business model. By rolling my sleeves up (creating content) and immersing myself in various live video communities, I studied the space and identified several viable business models. Finally, I told myself, I needed to find a co-founder to actually build this technology. Then I kind of froze. That freeze lasted nearly two years.

During the freeze I was fortunate to work with many great brands/clients, but I wasn’t involved with building a technology company.

The fear of having this, at that point, hypothetical technology company fail, resulted in a persuasive voice holding me back. That voice, of course, was my own self-doubt.

Without further ado, proud to announce that I, along with Max Galka (he is the brains), have launched Elementus.

<<Skip this stuff if you have no interest in cryptocurrency/blockchain technology>>

Central to Elementus’ value is the fact that blockchains are not designed with human readability in mind. As a result, the blockchain ecosystem lacks transparency.

This is perfectly illustrated by the recent Parity wallet bug, first reported last Tuesday.

We believe that token holders impacted by this bug should have been informed, both with accurate information and in a timely fashion. It wasn’t until Elementus released this post last Friday that ICOs impacted by the Parity wallet bug were comprehensively identified.

Image for post
Image for post
ICOs impacted by the wallet freeze (graphic and data by Elementus; more interactive graphic available here)

Note: Ownership of these wallets has not been verified with the companies. The associations are our own estimations based on the data we’ve collected.

That’s a nice example of how our technology, which makes blockchains readable, can be applied.

Codifying blockchain data can be utilized to improve transparency in a number of other ways, most importantly, providing actionable insights for a wide-ranging set of use cases and across multiple players.

Here’s our big vision: Elementus aims to bring transparency to the blockchain ecosystem

<<Start here if you chose to skip the boring stuff>>

If you read the boring stuff, you’d know that Elementus is focused on bringing transparency to the blockchain ecosystem.

In the spirit of being transparent, I have decided to publicly write about being plagued by this freeze period. It’s difficult/uncomfortable for me to address with myself, let alone to a large group. Frankly, my inability to execute on starting a technology company in the live video space feels embarrassing. Beyond that, I typically don’t share my innermost thoughts with others, of which these are some.

Again, for my 34th birthday I am forcing myself to step outside my comfort zone. I don’t have all the answers, and, as is the case with most start-ups, Elementus is far more likely to fail than experience success. But, you know what? That’s all totally OK.

It’s time for me to confront my own self-doubt.

Life is too fucking short to let analysis paralysis hinder action. Much better to drop the puck and work towards your goals.

Going for it!

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