Draining The (Twitter) Swamp

How being no-platformed led me to the heart of flag-bearing nationalist types

Dissecting “Lisa the Nationalist for Canada”

@LisaMar91564392 is the most central account above (based on eigenvector centrality). Nodes (dots) represent Twitter accounts. Edges (lines) represent Followers/Following relationships. Lit up edges represent accounts that @LisaMar91564392 is Following. Graph contains 41,085 Nodes and 985,804 Edges. Thanks to Anthony Lusardi who helped with data wrangling

1) Brexit (674 accounts)

2) Canada (768 accounts)

3) KAG (10,724 accounts)

4) MAGA (18,778 accounts)

5) Patriot (6,885 accounts)

6) QAnon (1,613 accounts)

7) Trudeau (653 accounts)

8) Trump (14,882 accounts)

9) Wexit (139 accounts)

10) WWG1WGA (4,281 accounts)

Bridging MCGA (Make Canada Great Again) & MAGA

Nodes are sized based on degree

Hyperactive Accounts (100+ Tweets/Day)

Graph represents 1,378 (Following/Followers) *connected* hyperactive tweeting accounts (out of 2,188 *overall* hyperactive tweeting accounts)

Flag Bearing Nationalist Types

Our first post on Canadian-focused election interference was in early Sep (follow-up post later that month)

CEO & Founder, Social Forensics | Previously: Co-Founder, Elementus | Featured in BBC, CNN, BuzzFeed, and Quartz, among others | SocialForensics.com

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