QArmyJapanFlynn (QAJF): The Collective Delusion Is Global

How Twitter allows fake accounts to create the illusion of widespread support

Network data (Following/Followers connections) for Japanese language QAnon accounts was collected by Social Forensics in April 2020 and spans thousands of accounts; a snapshot of ~80 accounts is presented above
Screenshot captured September 17th, 2020; in addition to Twitter serving up a Rolex ad on the profile of @QAJF_bot, Twitter’s “You might like” algorithm encourages users to follow additional QAnon accounts (@zensen_t, @Sakamoto_Photo)

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Screenshot captured September 17th, 2020; similar to when viewing the profile of @QAJF_bot, Twitter’s “You might like” algorithm recommends following an additional QAnon account while viewing the profile of @okabaeri9111 (in this case, @yume_no_morix2)

Following & Followers Overlap

Followers Counts & Following/Followers Ratios

Verified Accounts

Yellow rows = current or former QAnon supporting 2020 congressional candidates
As may be seen above, Mr. Hennen has cultivated more than 30 thousand Followers via implementing the follow-for-follow tactic that was described earlier in this post (and which violates Twitter Rules)

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OK, So What’s Your Point

Part-time Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, and Twitter Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead, Vijaya Gadde, meet with President Trump (April 2019)

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