Twitter’s Head Of Site Integrity Targeted By Inauthentic Coordinated Behavior

How a cross-platform Tea Party information operation has mastered computational propaganda

Computational Propaganda

Yoel Roth

Donie would likely be “abrasive” as well after receiving countless death threats and being doxed (as a direct result of Twitter failing to enforce their ToS/mitigate against platform manipulation)
Social Forensics collected more than 100 thousand tweets where Roth’s Twitter handle appeared
Based tweet
Statistics via Social Blade

When Twitter’s Own Are Targeted

Social Forensics collected 50 thousand tweets that include the #AyatollahJack hashtag

Narrative Laundering

The Nashville Tea Party


Accountability Musical Chairs

CEO & Founder, Social Forensics | Previously: Co-Founder, Elementus | Featured in BBC, CNN, BuzzFeed, and Quartz, among others |

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